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I have been active my whole life. Always been involved in sport, so I’ve always thought of myself being “ok”. But I was never the skinny type and was always on the bigger side. After getting married I stopped going to the gym on a regular basis and started to put on weight without even noticing or it even bothering me. Every now and then I would train for a cycle race, but the diet was never a priority, and the training would only be enough for me to get through the race. Once the race was done, I would fall back into old habits

I had 3 knee surgeries in the last couple of years, this was due to old rugby injuries. Recovery was fine but would’ve been better and easier if I wasn’t as overweight. One day I just decided enough was enough. I couldn’t carry on like this as I have a family with a young daughter who would like her daddy to play with her and run around etc. This journey started in November 2017. I weighed about 108kg at this point. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy as there was a lot happening that time of the year. It was my wife’s birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, my 40th birthday and New Year’s. I thought if I can make it through this, I can make it anytime of the year.

I bought the Body Makeover starter pack and started training twice a day. Cardio in the morning and weight training in the evening. I also followed a very strict diet and combined with USN supplements results started to show. There was a lot of times where I just wanted to fall back into old habits and go back to what was easy and comfortable, but then remembered why I started this whole journey. As they say, there is no bigger motivator than seeing results. It wasn’t easy but I had a huge amount of support from family and friends. I have done a couple of cycle races that year, and with every race I smashed my previous best.

The USN team was also great during this time. Any question or help needed they are always willing to give advice and help where they can. Without the guidance and the products they offer, the results surely wouldn’t have been the same. Thank you to my wife and daughter for all your support throughout my journey. Thank you USN. I am looking forward to what the future holds. This has now become a lifestyle and I love every bit of it!




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