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Imagine knowing that in 12 weeks you could be a completely different person…literally! Working on your health and fitness is an investment that not only extend your life, but will also transform your mental health and gives back your confidence. Once in it, will it become a lifestyle and you will wonder how you have ever done without it. You’ll not only have the vitality that you’ve been wanting to get back for years…you’ll have much more!

As a husband and father of three very active boys I have learned that time is a commodity. Before the Body Makeover Challenge I was at a point in my life where I had little or no energy, excuses, constantly exhausted and not to even mention the bad eating habits making everything even more unbalanced and miserable. I wanted to give my family the best focused time possible but this required of me to be a lot more active. I had to get my life back in order working towards a solid physique and for a solid physique you need a solid plan.

This plan should be aimed at obtaining a balance between a healthy mind and a healthy body which equates to a happy life. When other people tell you that you can’t achieve something, they are telling you based on their own limitations, not yours. If you don’t plan properly and not write your goals down, then it doesn’t matter if you push yourself every day and you’re the most hardworking person at the gym. It won’t last. Eliminate the guesswork by knowing exactly what food, recipes and supplements you need. With the help of USN you will get to know the how, what and when about fitness and nutrition to change your lifestyle. All my sacrifices and lifestyle changes paid off big in terms of how I work with enthusiasm and are driven with motivation. In general, how positive I am and how I approach challenges.

This will be a lifelong journey and there will be ups and downs. Thanks to USN and the Body Makeover making this easier for me!



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