Hanna Pistorius - USN


I was going through my own traumatic life challenges, which made me feel insecure, negative and depressed. I was overweight and in a bad state emotionally. I was looking for the best nutrition brand in SA which had a proven weight loss record. That was when I registered online for the USN Body Makeover Challenge. My ultimate goal was to lose weight and tone.

What made this program so competitive was the following:
1) No specialists or extra costs. The program was affordable. I could do it on my own without a personal trainer, gym contract or dietician.
2) Any place any time. I could exercise anywhere – even on the farm, with my skipping rope, weights etc. – all at my own pace.
3) No age restriction. I could follow the program easily, even at my age.
4) Compatible. As a single-mother, follow the program amidst my busy schedule.
5) Consistent. Started doing the challenge again six weeks after a big operation and still kept my weight down.

I learned to be consistent with my lifestyle-approach to training, meals, water intake, supplements, recovery and hydration. This program taught me to make small changes to improve my lifestyle and end result. I noticed an improved energy level, improved sleep cycles, improved mental state and stress coping ability as well as increased weight-loss and significant reduction in my cholesterol levels.

I took part in cardiovascular (walking and running) exercise 4-5 times weekly for 45 minutes at a time and resistance exercises for 30-45 minutes 4-5 times per week. I became more active and fun to be with. Since the challenge, I have successfully completed the Fish River Canyon, CANSA Shade of Pink event and many more.

The program taught me to make better choices. I had to disconnect from people who didn’t add value to my life. I made new friends with the same interests and beliefs. I enjoy helping others who come to me for advice. I started to focus on loving myself and thinking positive thoughts. I decided to leave the past behind and to move on with confidence. In the process, I transformed my mind, body and soul. I became a new person. I am now more driven, committed to excellence, health-conscious and goal-driven. I am proud of myself and what I accomplished through the USN Body Makeover Challenge and the USN team’s support. Thank you USN.

Don’t hesitate. I dare you to take the challenge! Now is the best time for a new beginning.


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