Jean Smith - USN


I’m Jean Smith, 15x SA track cycling champion. Won my 1st Gold medal in the Individual Sprint back in 2010 at the Bellville Velodrome, Cape Town.

I started racing track way back in 2006. I was hooked from the 1st ride. Adrenalin was pumping every ride in the beginning just to stay on the track and not slide down the +/- 41 degree bankings. It took me and entire year just too finish one race. And now I’ve won probably more than 200 + races.

The reason why I started track sprinting was because I’ve always liked to gym. If you want to race on the road or with a MTB, you need to be strong, but light as well. I liked the idea of being to be able to gym 100% and still go fast and win.

I’ve been overseas multiple times for racing. 1st time back in 2008. I went to the Manchester World Cup. 2013 I went to another Manchester World Cup where we had a training camp for 2 weeks in Newport, Wales. We actually broke the SA team sprint record that WC but got relegated because of a technical change. 2015 I went to London to go race in the Good Friday meeting on the Olympic Velodrome.

I’m now currently in the SA squad to go to Common Wealth Games in Brisbane, Australia, next year. This is my main focus currently. The goal will be to better the current SA record in the team sprint event, held by myself, Jeanne Nell and Olympian Bernard Esterhuizen at 46.39.


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