Marinda Singleton - USN


My story began 13 years ago. After I gave birth to my second child, I decided to participate in the USN fat loss challenge, I was really inspired by the transformation results advertised by USN.

I decided there and then, this was my goal and something that I would love to achieve so I decided to enter for the USN Body Makeover Challenge.
I finished the 12-week programme and got amazing results although I did not make the top 20, this was a life changing experience which I turned into my lifestyle. I fell in love with health, fitness and the way it made me feel – positive, energetic, full of life and happy. I felt like a new person, not just physically but mentally as well.

My passion grew at an alarming rate so fast that decided to change my career from corporate to fitness so I can help and inspire other people to feel the same way. I enrolled to study personal training and sports conditioning and got my diploma a year later.

My passion for fitness and people grew even further and I started my own bootcamp training centre where I train groups of people, coaching them to be active, healthy and have fun at the same time. After summer 2016 and a chilled holiday, I was still active and into training but my eating habits was not on a healthy standard so I put on some weight. I was ready for a new challenge and out of previous experience I knew USN was the way to go. I entered the Body Makeover Challenge for the second time, but this time more determined to make the Top 10 so I could share my life story to motivate others.


I’m from a small town in the Eastern Cape and I wanted to show people that it’s not where you come from, your age, or having children, anything is possible if you put your mind to it and have the right resources. I’m a normal mom of 3 children who can live my passion and dream everyday thanks to USN Body Makeover Challenge, faith, hard work and dedication. My dream came true, I made the Top 10 this time around and now I help and inspire people to live a healthy and positive lifestyle – I found my passion because of this.



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