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Passionate about life is the word – my “life” is my Creator, my Family, my Friends, my Business, nature, animals and most importantly Living a Healthy Lifestyle!

I’ve grown up in a house where Sport brings the family and friends together. Sport have always been part of my life – on all levels, even bowls. I have 2 brothers (Renier & Jaco Nortje ) – both who have been a huge fan of working out in the gym, with Jaco who has taken part in Body Building. He has always been my inspiration to one day go on stage.

In Sept 2016 my whole life changed, the day we found out I was pregnant!
The happiest day of my life was when I realized I’m going to be a mommy. Being pregnant changed my body in so many ways, especially with the weight gain of 23 kg later! Little Mea was born on the 22nd May 2017 – The most BEAUTIFUL day for hubby and me – our proudest day!! Today Mea muis is 2 years and 4 months – and what joy she is and joy she brings to everybody’s life’s – Gift from God she is!!

Being a new mommy had its challenges, trying to find the balance between being a wife, a new mother and business owner.
With all this weight I had put on and now couldn’t get rid of, I started feeling unattractive!! I didn’t know my body anymore and I was ashamed of it. Picking up all this weight left me feeling depressed, resulting in negative thoughts, no energy, simply just not looking after myself anymore the way I should. At that time I found myself in a dark place and that’s when I realized I had to make a mental change for a happier me, a better person for my FAMILY!
All this weight has to go! Thank you USN Body Makeover Challenge for the inspiration…. Reading life changing testimonies!

Let me tell you it is called a Challenge for a reason.. LOL
You are transforming everything, starting with you MIND FIRST, followed by Body and Spirit. The eating habits was the most difficult one for me… my friends would always laugh when I would bring along my little cooler bag with my foodies.

Overall it was an amazing experience to have seen the body transformation each week, feel how much more endurance you have and most importantly was my positive outlook on life, being happier and FULL of energy!!! The USN Body Makeover Challenge has taught me so much about myself and in the process, I have become an amazing wife and mother, feeling confident in who I am! I have learnt that discipline brings good results – you have to say NO to say YES!

So many mommies and mommies-to-be are inspired as they can see, YOU can do anything you put your mind to! The USN Body Makeover Challenge has touched so many people around me and till today I love sharing my experience with others, from eating plans to workout programs.
I want to thank my personal trainer Quinten Rall, my family, my friends and all “fans” for their love and support, with my BIGGEST fan being my HUBBY!

I have not looked back, the USN Body Makeover Challenge has only added positivity to my life! Living healthy has now become a lifestyle in our house, even our little Mea muis is eating healthy with mommy and daddy! As a family we train in the gym, do outdoor activities – together with healthy eating habits – with the weekends of course being our treat. Big shout out to my Hubby who is always busy prepping our food – I just love YOU!!

We only have 1 body and 1 life so – Choose to build a body and life of our dreams! Thank you USN Body Makeover Challenge for a healthy living lifestyle!!



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