My story is similar to numerous people who are also facing weight loss challenges of their own. Like many of us out there, I couldn’t allocate enough
time in my busy schedule to focus on creating healthier habits. I always admired fit and healthy-looking physiques on the silver screen and the international sporting world. Could it be that only some people got lucky in the genetics department and the rest of us were doomed to ever expanding
waistlines? It sure felt this way to me, but I soon came to realize that this doesn’t have to become my ultimate reality. I do have a choice in this, and
CAN change things around.

What can I say, I loved to indulge in food, who doesn’t? My lifestyle mostly leaned towards delicious (but not too nutritious!) meals at most social
gatherings and I wasn’t exercising frequently enough. After some introspection, I concluded that: Deliciousness + inactivity = (fat) gains.
My approach, like many other hopefuls in the same boat as me, was to out train a bad diet. This approach wasn’t successful! I came to the realization
that if I wanted to get into shape, I had to get out of my comfort zone, by facing the facts and start implementing healthier habits. This was a big “EISH” moment for me!

It was then in the month of October 2017, when I scrolled through social media, like every other day, and came across some inspirational testimonials
of people who underwent body/lifestyle transformations. I thought wow – is that really possible!? Body transformations like those only happened to
OTHER people! As I read up on their bio’s, one theme kept repeating itself – getting into the right frame of mind and setting small yet achievable goals.
This resonated with me, on a subconscious level. All I needed was that initial “spark”.

In January 2018, upon doing some soul searching and weighing up options, I dared to do something my family and friends regarded as crazy and unattainable. I decided to embark on a strict 12-week Body Makeover Challenge by USN. My approach to this challenge, was to experience it as another life adventure, to learn as much as possible and adopt healthier habits around fitness, nutrition and supplementation.

The Body Makeover Challenge impacted my life more than I could’ve imagined. Twenty-one months later, and I’m still maintaining my healthy daily
routines. To this day, I continue scheduling an early morning weight training session followed by clean eating throughout the day. This has become my
“new normal” and a positive lifestyle change. I now hope to also inspire people along the way, especially my family and friends!



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