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Life for me is an endless journey of discovery. It is really amazing how far you can push yourself once you have made the decision to firstly believe in yourself, and secondly, believe in your goals. I am a mom to two very active little boys – a 5 year old and a 2 year old. My biggest goal and the reason I took on this USN Body Makeover Challenge was specifically that I wanted to be a fit mom. My ultimate goal was to simply achieve my goals – and that was my motivation at first.I am a PR account executive for a company called Rainmaker Marketing – very basically I organise events, launches and co-ordinate media liaison. They say that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life – and for me, this is 100% accurate! Working with a team of individuals who are just as motivated, focused, family-orientated and happy makes every day amazing!

As I have gotten older, I have learnt so much that I wish I had known growing up. I never appreciated and acknowledge the power I had within myself. It was only when I changed my lifestyle did this appreciation and self-confidence came up to the surface. I learnt to love myself with every goal that I achieved – mostly because I was so proud that I could overcome any insecurity and just go for it and embrace the person that I am. Remaining active and healthy changed my perspective on so much, including myself and how I raise my sons. I love being active with them, playing with the ball, or pushing the bike around the driveway! It’s always the little things. One of the best forms of exercise that I have come to know is simple children’s games – leap frog is a leg killer!!

I love painting and reading, and I love writing! I love finding the passion in all things that I do – if I don’t love it, I don’t do it! I have found a true love for fitness and trying to influence those around me to just believe in themselves. I truly hope that along the way, I have encouraged, motivated and inspired people to see their true worth and allowed them to see that they have it in themselves to achieve greatness!When I am not training, and not busy with my family, I love shopping (I love pretty things!) and I can’t help but admit that I love sitting, feet up, browsing social media! I love cooking, baking and chilling – there is something so special about sitting around a fire, with a glass of wine and enjoying a braai with the family!

In my friendship circles, everyone knows that I am loud and friendly and once I decide something, there is no turning back! I love chatting and I apparently my laugh is funny (I beg to differ!) I am really considerate to the feelings of those around me and I really feel that, no matter who you are, or what road you have travelled, I will be there for you. I am compassionate but I do believe in a little bit of tough love – when someone is wrong, I will be that friend that says it!

Everything I have achieved and working towards has not only been about me, and my dreams but also so that I could be a fitter, happier mom for my babies. Every day is a choice, and I made that choice. Every day I stay focused on new goals!



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