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In my life I was constantly reminded that when you start something, you do not give up doesn’t matter what life throws at you and you stay dedicated.
My whole life I was in the field of sport, from representing my province and country in baseball or doing my best in hockey, cricket or athletics. This is where I learnt that you strive to win but win or lose you always do your best.

As life goes on you start to slow down and become more passive and reckless regarding your health and physique. With the birth of kids it is more difficult to look at yourself as all your attention is pointed towards them and I do not regret it as they are one of my motivation that kept me going, to be an example for them.

I never noticed that I am getting so overweight, until it became a constant reminder of the fact that I am overweight. Never have I thought about gym or getting into shape until a day came that a friend walked up to me and said, “It’s now or never”.

I joined the boxercise class at the gym and kept going for a month or two but did not feel like I am getting anywhere and looked on the internet for fitness challenges as I like to compete. So here I found the USN Body Makeover Challenge. It looked very convincing but the though came up of how much will this new challenge in my life cost me?

I decided to enter to improve myself and work to a goal. I had a lot of people helping and keeping me motivated. So, the first day started the next morning at 3:15 am and it just kept going. Some morning my wife was my alarm clock.

I feel great and look better than I looked 7 years ago. My health and physique have improved and I feel more willing to play and fool around with my two daughters.

I am glad that I have entered the Challenge and would recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight but needs that little bit of encouragement.
I still train in the morning and hope to get the physique that I want.




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