Weight loss on the keto diet: what to expect

Keto Diet for weight loss

People are constantly searching for effective ways to lose weight, and a diet that contains cheese, bacon and juicy steaks will not necessarily scream weight loss to everyone. But the keto diet does just that: it helps you to lose weight while you consume more fats and proteins and less carbohydrates. How does the keto […]

KETO | Nut butter smoothie

KETO - Nut Butter Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are a way of life for some and we have the perfect nut butter smoothie recipe! It is tasty, filling and KETO-friendly! This is a high fat, low carb and great tasting recipe. The Macros for this delicious recipe are listed below: Total Fat: 44 g per serving Total Protein: 21 g per serving […]