KETO Carrot Cake


Now you can have your cake and eat it! This recipe is delicious and KETO friendly as well! The recipe takes about 55 minutes to complete and produces 10 large slices of yummy carrot cake. Ingredients: KETO Carrot Cake 5 Eggs 200 g butter, melted 3tbsp USN Keto Sweetener 2tsp vanilla essence 200 g(2 cups) […]

KETO – Nut Butter Smoothie

KETO - Nut Butter Smoothie Recipe

KETO – Nut Butter smoothie – Smoothies are a way of life for some and we have the ideal Nut butter smoothie recipe! It is tasty, filling and KETO Friendly! This is a high fat, low carb and great tasting recipe. The Macros for this delicious recipe are listed below: Total Fat: 44 g per […]

Beetroot: The 5 reasons to include it in your diet.

Beetroot is a vegetable that is often underestimated. There are, however, a few reasons why you should include more of this root vegetable in your diet. Not only does this superfood look gorgeous in dishes like salads, they are also packed with phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. A True super food  – here are 5 reasons […]

The key to core

There are effective ways to train your core and it is important to do these right if you want to see results.