Choosing the right supplement stack

Choosing the right supplement stack for your goals Choosing the right supplement stack may be a daunting task for most. When it comes to our fitness goals, hard work, determination, and sacrifices must be made to be successful. However, our

ZMA+ Your Source of Zinc, Magnesium & Vitamin B6

The importance of nutrients: Zinc ZMA+ Zinc, Magnesium & Vitamin B6 Supplement

The importance of Nutrients: Zinc Zinc is one of many of micro-nutrients that our bodies need to function correctly and in this article, we will discuss the importance of the nutrient called zinc. Many modern diets lack the basic nutritional


Essential Supplements for Vegan Athletes

Vegan sports supplements geared towards active individuals are only one-way vegan fitness enthusiasts can replenish their nutrient and energy stores. In this article, we’re going to cover three essential vegan sports supplements that active individuals could consider adding to their daily regimen. 

Beetroot: The 5 reasons to include it in your diet.

5 Reasons to include Beetroot in your diet

Beetroot: The 5 reasons to include it in your diet today. Beetroot is a vegetable that is often underestimated. There are, however, a few reasons why you should include more of this root vegetable in your diet. Not only does

How exercise improves your immune system

How exercise boosts your immune system

How Exercise can improve your immune system I’m sure we can agree that exercise makes us feel good. We know that being physically active can help maintain a healthy weight and balance our mood, but exercise can also support our


One of the most recent discussions has been the Keto diet and the benefits of a high-fat, low-carb diet with moderate protein. It is important to obtain the correct information, sufficient support and a proper designed plan before taking on

USN® Energy Drinks

USN has a wide range of energy drink that serve different purposes and different taste buds. Have a look at some of our drinks here: HAVANA QHUSH Extreme energy and focus delivered in an energy juice to refresh you when


Whey protein is an important part of every active person's lifestyle. There are many benefits that protein has to offer, especially post-exercise to assist with recovery. USN® has a wide range of protein supplements available to suit every lifestyle and


With so many different types of fat burners on the market, it is important to know what these contain, what the ingredients do and if they are from quality sources. This is why USN uses quality trademarked ingredients where necessary