Athlete focus: Bauke’s hardcore product stack

Athlete focus: Bauke’s hardcore product stack

Bauke: I am hardcore because I am unstoppable

When you ask an unstoppable person about their journey to success, almost every person would say that it came with its own challenges. Being successful is not about how smooth the journey to success is but how you bounce back from each obstacle in the pursuit of your dreams. To become unstoppable, you should have a vision and be relentless in achieving your goals. 

Bauke’s goals

As a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, Bauke Hanekom is passionate about living a healthy life and pushing personal boundaries. As part of his unstoppable passion, he challenged himself to consume more than 12 000 calories before burning it with intense exercise—with a torn bicep tendon. With this challenge, he wanted to demonstrate how difficult it is to out-train a bad diet.

Bauke’s goals for the rest of the year are:

“Because my bicep tendon snapped, I’m not allowed to train biceps for four to six months. 

My goal is to do a half Ironman in November. I’m not going to overtrain; I just want to enjoy it. I will then slowly start with weight training again to smash the 20 000+ calories before April next year.”

XTS Black or 17 Testo Methox as pre-workout

XTS Black

XTS Black, the most advanced explosive pre-workout in the range, contains the latest patented ingredients and no proprietary blends. Formulated to change the way you train and elevate your performance to another level, this breakthrough pre-workout will ensure extreme pump, supercharged energy and long-lasting stamina, power and strength.

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17 Testo Methox

Testo Methox 17 Gold is a powerful performance aid, designed to accelerate lean muscle gains and strength and elevate creatine levels.

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All9 Amino as intra-workout

All9 Amino is the ultimate sugar-free stamina, hydration and lean muscle recovery supplement with a 2:1:1 ratio of 5 g naturally fermented BCAAs and additional essential amino acids. All9 Amino contains coconut water powder and electrolytes for hydration and nerve function as well as taurine and glutamine to enhance physical performance. 

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Hydrotech Whey as post-workout

Hydrotech Whey is a supreme protein blend aimed at providing lean muscle gains, enhanced recovery, and significant strength increases. This unique blend of whey and wheat protein is aimed at enhancing the effect of training and giving you the results that you are pushing for. The staged protein release ensures the muscles are fully fuelled over extended time periods.

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