Athlete focus: Jessica’s hardcore product stack

Athlete focus: Jessica’s hardcore product stack

I am hardcore because I am strong

If you’ve ever competed in a race without exercising, trying to put one foot after the other while your lungs are on fire, you would know that exercise does not only require physical strength but mental strength as well. To be physically strong, your mind should be strong enough to set goals that challenge and push you beyond your limits.

Jessica’s goals

As an athlete and full-time student, Jessica van den Heever’s strength is not only determined by her physical abilities but by her self-discipline, willpower and perseverance. Jessica pushes herself daily and has set clear short-term and long-term goals that she would like to reach. Through her strength, she has taken action to be her own kind of hardcore.

“I’m currently prepping for Arnold Classic Europe, where I will be competing in my first official pro show. In bodybuilding, you don’t have much control over the outcomes. My goal is to bring the best look I’ve ever had to that stage and proudly represent my country and all the hard work I’ve put in. As I’m relatively young for a pro bikini competitor, I have lots of growing to do. Therefore, after the show, my focus will be to grow, which can only be achieved by pushing harder than I ever have while training.

I am also a full-time student, currently studying BCom Economics with International Trade, which is a big priority. My goal is to have distinctions in all my subjects.

On the side, I’m currently busy building a rental property portfolio to have a passive income and start building wealth for my future.

I believe that’s what makes me hardcore. I am constantly challenging myself and removing myself from my comfort zone. I know by doing that, I’ll get the best results. I fear being average and refuse to give less than my best to anything I do.”

XTS Pump N.0. as pre-workout

XTS PUMP N.0. is a pre-workout supplement that contains a premium blend of pump-peaking ingredients. XTS PUMP N.0. can help your body to break through plateaus to reach personal goals.

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BCAA Amino-Gro as intra-workout

BCAA Amino-Gro is an intra-workout drink. It is an advanced formulation of BCAAs in the ratio of 2:1:1 for optimal endurance, energy and recovery to optimise your workout. The addition of electrolytes to BCAA Amino-Gro assists in replenishing your body’s natural electrolytes for performance and recovery. The added glutamine, citrulline malate and B-alanine help with muscle recovery, strength, endurance and an increased exercise threshold.

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Hardcore Whey gH as post-workout

Hardcore Whey gH is a unique formulation of premium quality whey protein with an optimal amino acid content. It also contains creatine and taurine to boost strength and endurance. Tribulus Terrestris is added for powerful increases in muscle power and performance.

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