Epik Amino Juice Review By Leandre

Epik Amino Juice Review By Leandre

Review: Epik Amino Juice gH

Epik Amino Juice gH Review By Leandre – I’ve been using this product now for just over a week during every workout. Firstly, I am extremely impressed with the lasting muscle pump it gives me and that feeling of fullness is exceptional.

This unique and fully-dosed formulation enhances my energy levels and stamina. I train at night after a long day’s work and Epik Amino Juice gH helps me focus, and gives me the lasting power to complete each and every workout properly. I would certainly recommend this product for those who are serious about their training, to get the most out of your sessions and to maximise lean muscle growth.

What is Amino Juice gH?

This product delivers a potent formulation of Amino acids and Ashwaganda for a powerful testo-gH stack to boost performance. Completed with Glycerpump and coconut water powder for an effective power, endurance and recovery intra-workout drink.  The ingredients also work together to rehydrate you while you are training.

When to use Amino Juice gH

You can use this product during your workout to provide energy, hydration, pump and recovery. Available in Red Berry or Citrus Dew flavours.


This product is also available at Dis-Chem Stores