How to choose your mass gainer

How to choose your mass gainer

Gains. We all know that gains mean different things to different people. Gains are goal dependent and can vary from overall weight and muscle gain to specifically gaining lean muscle mass in certain areas or muscle groups of the body. That is why it is important to pick the right mass gainer for your goal.

With so many different gainers out there, how do you differentiate between them to find the right product to support your goals?

Choose your goal:

Your goal will determine which gainer you should choose.


  • High protein & high carb content for muscle mass & weight gains.
  • Packed with creatine to increase muscle bulk & power.
  • Ideal for individuals with fast metabolisms & natural skinny bodies that need extreme muscle and weight gains.


  • High protein & moderate carb content that is more focused on muscle mass gain and less focused on overall weight gain.
  • Added testo booster & creatine to enhance muscle strength and performance.
  • Ideal for gaining lean muscle & moderate weight gains.


  • High protein & very low carb content focused exclusively on lean muscle gain and not necessarily overall weight gains.
  • Packed with creatine & a testo booster to increase lean muscle gains, strength & recovery.
  • Ideal for cutting body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

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