Take back control and lose the lockdown weight. Fast!

Take back control and lose the lockdown weight. Fast!

Coming out of lockdown is a heavy task (we know). We all had far too little activity, had far too much to eat and let’s be honest; had far too many drinks. And the proof is now clearly visible in our weight.

While there are endless crash diets and wonder products claiming you can lose weight without lifting a finger, most lack the scientific evidence backed by proven results.

The challenge is that these solutions are not tailored to your lifestyle and we all know quick fixes rarely last, which is why so many people fail to succeed.

USN offers a completely personalised and step-by-step weight-loss solution to take back control with everything you need to lose the lockdown weight.


No fads. No crazy diets and no extreme training, but a healthy, personalised and sustainable program with everything you need to lose weight and keeping it off. All you need to do is commit and we will give you everything you need to succeed.

Say NO to diets and YES to healthy food you can enjoy to lose weight.

Choose what you eat with three completely different meal plan options to suit your lifestyle that are great in taste, easy to prepare and will create healthy eating habits to lose weight fast – and keep it off.

Follow these easy training plans to burn more fat and tone your body.

The BMC training plan for men and women, is extremely easy to follow and developed to build your fitness and strength gradually during a 12 week journey. And best off all you can do it from home with minimum equipment.

Fuel your body with the best nutrients to accelerate weight loss results.

One of the most important factors for success in any weight loss journey is the nutritional support your body needs to make it easier for you to achieve your goals. As we adapt to new eating habits and training routines, our bodies also require additional nutrients to meet the increased demands.

Your 3 step solution
to make it easier for you to lose more weight faster.

Burn more fat faster than ever.

PhedraCut Lipo X Gold is a revolutionary weight loss aid, formulated with proven and tested ingredients to accelerate thermogenesis, increase fat breakdown and prevent fat storage. It also reduces appetite and controls cravings.

Slim down and stay lean

Diet Fuel Ultralean is a low-GI, high protein shake with added Garcinia cambogia and Chromium to accelerate fat burning & maintain lean muscle mass. It’s ideal to be used as a snack to keep you fuller for longer & avoid cravings.

Tighten, tone and firm your body

CLA Pure 1000 is a stimulant-free, highly bioavailable, pure form of conjugated linoleic acid, rich in safflower oils, to help tone and firm up your body.

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