The key to core

The key to core

Core Exercise

Most people want a flat stomach or a six pack. This is one of the hardest features to develop on your body. It is also not difficult to know why we struggle – most of our fat gets stored around our abdomen and training this part of our body is painful and strenuous. With that being said, there are also ineffective and effective ways to train your core and it is important for you to do it right to see the results. Here are our key tips:

  • Think core, not abs

    Abs are part of your core and different exercises target different parts of this muscle group. Static exercises like planking engage the whole core group whereas crunches only activate the top part. It is important to mainly do exercises that engage the whole core and less single area exercises.

  • Remember obliques

    These are the muscles located at the sides on your upper ribs and they are activated by twists and exercises like side planks.

  • Lower back is key

    Your core strengthens your lower back and vice versa. Ensure that you train your lower back adequately to make life much easier for yourself.

  • Burn calories

    A sculpted mid-section unfortunately requires you to make sure you do not eat too many calories that can be stored as fat around your abdomen.

  • Focus on high intensity core exercises 

    These are exercises like mountain climbers that activate the whole core while pushing up your heart rate and burning fat.

  • Make it part of your day 

    Instead of dedicating an entire day to wrecking your core, spend 10 minutes at the end of your daily workout and focus on high intensity core exercises. This is usually more sustainable and less painful in the start.

  • Make your program enjoyable 

    Make sure to include exercises that you enjoy doing and try to limit the ones that you do not enjoy.

  • Patience is key 

    Abs, like any muscle, aren’t built overnight. If you put in the time and effort, you will see the results.

There are plenty of excellent core and ab exercises available online. You can also look at our Instagram page to find short and effective core workouts. The best advice would be to pick a day and get started. Remember to recover adequately to ensure that you do not break down your muscles.

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