Tips to fight fat gain during lockdown

Tips to fight fat gain during lockdown

With the country currently in lockdown, a lot of people are wondering how this will affect their weight. With no access to the gym, colder weather, jogging suspended and limitless access to the snack cupboard, this might seem like the worst-case scenario for those looking to keep off those extra kilograms while stuck at home. So, what can you do to prevent unnecessary weight gain while being isolated at home?

Here are 10 tips to fight fat gain and to maintain muscle:

1) Eat breakfast: Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism and fuels your body for the first hours of the day. Skipping breakfast can lead to excessive hunger later in the day that can lead to over-indulgence. There is also a common mindset that individuals feel they can have a large & mainly unhealthy lunch because they skipped breakfast.

2) Keep structure in your eating habits: Try to stick to the same amount of meals you would in normal times. Do not adjust from 3 meals and snacks to 6 meals out of boredom.

3) Avoid unhealthy snacking: Snacking is natural and not always bad for you. The impact of snacking is obviously determined by the type of snack you eat. Try to avoid things like chips, biscuits, noodles, sweets and sodas.

4) Snack healthy: When you choose your snacks, opt for something low in carbs and sugar and high in fibre. This will keep you fuller for longer and avoid blood sugar spikes that cause cravings. Follow this link for ideas.

5) Stay active: There are plenty of workouts that can be done at home that takes up a very small amount of your day. This will ensure that you spend some of those calories you have been saving up. Exercise will also induce the release of endorphins that might just keep you from losing your mind at home. Follow us on social media (@USNSA) for home training tips & you can find home training plans from USN here.

6) Drink enough water: The average person should consume between 2-3 liters of water per day. This might seem like a lot of water but to put it into perspective, this equal drinking about 6 – 9 x 330ml glasses of water through the roughly 16 waking hours of the day.

7) Increase your protein intake: This will help your body to maintain muscle mass and will also increase satiety, keeping you fuller for longer.

8) Weigh yourself regularly: This will help you to keep track of any changes in your weight and if your current strategy is successful or not and it will keep you aware of your habits.

9) Be consistent & track your meals: Keeping a consistent healthy lifestyle is better than short periods of drastic changes. This will encourage you to not over-indulge but rather enjoy your indulgences in moderation and in a controlled manner. Keeping track of what you eat is also a very helpful tool to be able to identify problem areas and mistakes if the scale is not reflecting what you hoped it would.

10) Get quality sleep: It is very easy to stay up late at night and sleep in when the alarm goes off. It is also easy to take afternoon naps. This all adds up to a disrupted sleeping pattern where you manage 7-8 hours of quality rest. Quality sleep is very important for your bodily functions to run optimally and for your immune system to function properly.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to staying in shape at home. It is important to find tools and methods that you enjoy and can implement in a sustainable manner. If you still feel stuck, you can get in touch with us at for guidance on how to take the next step. Please stay home and stay safe.

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