What to consider before buying supplements

What to consider before buying supplements


We have all been there. Standing in front of the supplement aisle with hundreds of options staring you in the face. How do you decide? How do you even know what you need and what about all the new supplement brands popping up that you do not know anything about? These are just a few of the questions that can race through your mind. Let’s establish some guidelines for deciding on the right product.


  1. What is your goal?
    Supplements can also be categorised according to goals. A person looking to gain mass will obviously not use the same products an individual looking to lose weight. Determine your goals by clicking on the “Your Goals” tab.
  2. What type of training do you do?
    Different types of exercises require different type of supplements as they deliver different results. You need to determine what the demands are of your training and what the best product is to meet these needs.
  3. Budget
    This is one of the main determining factors. What you are willing to spend will largely dictate what you end up buying. It can be helpful to do some research online about product costs and maybe plan ahead to get what you really need. You can browse through USN’s product prices by going to our online shop.
  4. Do you understand what supplements do?
    Is there information available on what these products do and what their ingredients can help you with? It is very important to ask questions when you do not know what you should be taking. USN is also launching a live chat function soon which will allow you to direct all your questions/ queries directly to one of our experts. In the meantime you can direct any questions about USN products here: Info@usn.co.za
  5. Do you have any allergies, preferences or sensitivities?
    If you have any intolerances or sensitivities it is important to keep that in mind when purchasing a supplement. USN offers vegan, vegetarian, halaal, dairy free, gluten free and stimulant free alternative products, respectively.
  6. Do you have any medical conditions?
    It is very important for you to consult your doctor before using any supplements if you have a diagnosed medical condition like diabetes or high blood pressure. Your doctor will be able to recommend products that are safe to use as he/she has your entire medical history & test results.
  7. Will you be able to combine your supplement with a balanced diet and regular exercise?
    Living a balanced lifestyle is key. Supplements are most effective when used with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Supplements are there to support you while you train or trying to eat less of the wrong foods. Rather use supplements as a supporting factor than the main focus of your lifestyle change.
  8. Choose a quality brand
    The sport supplement market has seen its fair share of fly-by-night operations promising superior ingredients at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, quality ingredients do cost more and a good way to determine a company’s reputation is to look at how long they have been around in the market – the trusted brands.
  9. Supplements are designed to supplement, not replace nutrients
    It is not possible to cut out all forms of food from your diet. Supplements are created to give extra nutrients; not replace the nutrients we should be getting from food. Keep this in mind and always try to find balance when adding supplements to your diet.


Choosing a supplement can be a daunting task. All the designs look impactful and well formulated. That is why it important to have your answers ready before entering the store. It is important to choose a brand that stands behind its product and offers experts to assist you with making the right decision when it comes to choosing your goal, supplement and support system. Send us an email at info@usn.co.za to speak to a professional that can assist and support you to get the supplements you actually need.

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