You do not have to lose out on your training because you are stuck at home or if you are trying to avoid the gym. There are plenty of workouts that you can do at home. It’s important to keep active, even if you are house bound! Try implementing these 5 tips to keep your training interesting.

  1. Buddy – up: Encourage your housemates or spouse to train with you. Exercise is more fun in a social setting and it allows individuals to push each other and spend quality time together.
  2. Reward yourself: Do not make it all work and no play. Set small daily goals that offer a reward upon completion. Whether it be a few hours of series binging or indulging in your favorite snack (in moderation, of course). This fine-tunes your mind to a “work first, reward later” mindset.
  3. Turn up the volume: Exercising with music is more fun and some individuals feel more energized when training with a beat in the background. Combine this with a training partner and you have a small fitness party!
  4. Download an app: Use an app to capture the calories you burned through your training each day and challenge yourself to beat that number every day. You can also use apps to share your workouts with other people or get advice on certain topics.
  5. Get structured: Try doing some planning. Where at home are you training? Can you make a semi-permanent set up to use daily? Which exercise plan are you going to follow? Do you require any equipment? Do you have a towel & water bottle? By answering these questions beforehand, you can save yourself a few frustrations once you get going.

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