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USN is proud to have been one of the sponsors for the incredible Cape Epic this year. Our role was to keep the cyclists hydrated and energized through the harsh conditions and exhausting distances. The race spanned 658 km with 13 530 m of climbing from the stunning slopes of Table Mountain, ending at breathtaking Val de Vie Estate. 


The Hydro Point, an innovation, was placed in areas which would normally be difficult to reach with normal vehicles. The Unimog was fitted with a 2500 litre tank to climb mountains so that we could refuel riders after some of the biggest climbs at the event when they usually need it most. The Hydro Point, a support station focusing on USN Zero Sugar Hydrator, Winners EnerG, Water, Vooma Energy gel, Energy Oats bars and Cramp Block, turned out to be very popular with riders at the event.


USN fuelled cyclists at the Prologue, and stage 1-7 with a recovery station including USN Pro Recover, Zero Sugar Hydrator, Cramp Block and Pro Protein Bars. We supplied cyclists along the way with CytoPower HP to refuel their glycogen and electrolyte stores to give them the push they needed to continue. 


Well done to all the cyclists who fought through to complete the race!


Publication Date: May 15, 2018, 10:44 a.m.

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