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The latest Body Makeover Challenge Top 20 has been chosen. Well done to each of you! Thank you for all the entries received, we are proud of you as we could see the hard work that went into your Challenge.


The 20 contestants will be contacted invidually with more information on the next steps. 


We will share their great results on social media in the coming months.




1. Angelique Swanepoel

2. Barbara Botes

3. Candice Softley

4. Hanna Pistorius

5. Jeanette Els

6. Loretta Mhlengi

7. Marinda Singleton

8. Mariska Louw

9. Rome Phillipson

10. Tyla Jamieson



1. Andre Grundling 

2. Dawid Pieterse

3. Emil Visser

4. Eugene Trollip

5. Francois van Breda

6. Jan Vermeulen 

7. Llewellyn Collett

8. Louis Schlechter

9. Stefan van Reenen

10. Vernon Julyan


Publication Date: Jan. 16, 2019, 1 a.m.

Tags: #Body Makeover Challenge, #Body Makeover,

Goal: Lose Weight & Tone