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By now you should be tapering your training in preparation for the upcoming Comrades Marathon. You should be fueling your body with healthy choices and be feeling confident with your fitness levels for the big day. This is not to say you should be completely free from nerves, which are totally normal. 


It isn’t recommended to make any major changes to your supplement regime and eating plan right before any endurance event, however here are some things to keep in mind to accelerate your performance and recovery. 



Studies show that carbohydrate loading 36 hours before an ultra-marathon, like the Comrades, can improve performance by 2-3%. This might not sound like a large difference, but when you’re running for 90 km, any bit of assistance helps!


How much carbs do I need to eat?

Male athletes should consume 7-10 g of carbs per kg of body weight, while female athletes should aim for 5-8 g of carbs per kg of body weight 36 hours (3 days) before the event. 


For example, a 75 kg male requires 525-750 g and a 60 kg female requires 300-480 g of carbohydrates per day respectively. 


What kind of carbohydrates should I eat?

The type of carbs you choose to eat during carbo-loading depends on personal preference of foods that you enjoy and can digest with ease. If you are battling to meet your carb requirements through food alone, you may need to add in a carb-rich supplement such as USN Cytopower HP, a clear refreshing drink that contains 41.9 g of carbs per 50 g serving. Other carb-rich supplements to use during this time include: USN Pro Enduro, USN Epic Pro, USN Energy Oats Bars, USN Hydrating Enduro or USN Vitargo®.



As a seasoned runner you will know, recovery is everything. The nutrients and fluids you consume at the end of the marathon play a major role in your recovery by replenishing lost glycogen, amino acids, fluids and electrolytes. Replacing lost fluids and electrolytes will reduce your risk of muscle cramps or spasms, amino acids help to prevent muscle catabolism and lactic acid build up and carbohydrates aid glycogen refueling to protect muscle mass. 



The recommended nutritional intake following a marathon includes:

• Carbohydrates: 1-1.2 g per kg body weight for the first 4 hours after the  event 

• Protein: 20-30 g – stimulates muscle protein synthesis and prevents  

muscle breakdown

• Fluids: replace 150% of the water lost during the event, you can calculate this by weighing yourself before and after similar distances during training. 

• Potassium: 8-20 mg per 100 ml of fluid

• Sodium: 45-70 mg per 100 ml of fluid


Supplements to further your recovery 

USN Pro Recover is a great option for an all-in-one, milk-based recovery option. It contains 20.2 g of protein and 65.5 g of carbohydrates per serving, along with a good dose of branched chain amino acids and electrolytes. Another option for recovery is the rapidly-absorbed, Epic Pro which features 16 g of protein originating from hydrolysed peptides and whey isolate as well as 53 g of carbohydrates including Vitargo®, a revolutionary carb source. 


Good luck for the Comrades Marathon, you’ve got this! 


If you have any supplement or dietary queries, USN is here for you. 


Publication Date: June 4, 2018, 10 a.m.

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