Female intestinal support: Don’t be left feeling gutted while trying to lose weight

Many women are looking for assistance with toning and slimming down but often also struggle with digestive discomfort and feeling sluggish. Using supplements with stimulants may, in some cases, not be the preference of these women as they may have a lower tolerance to these stimulants or do not enjoy the feeling stimulants give them.

That is why it is important to discuss stimulant-free fat burners, toning aids and digestive cleansers that can be used daily. These supplements do not build up a tolerance in your body like most stimulants do. They carry weight loss and maintenance-like benefits and are suitable for those ladies that have been looking for a solution that suits their stimulant sensitivity.

These products are formulated to support the intestinal system, help lose unwanted excessive fat, aid in toning and to provide you with energy and vigor. Increased absorption and digestion are a bonus to support your body in feeling fuller, more energized and fueled to take on your day.

What are the 3 core products of this solution and how do they work?
USN CLA Pure 1000 (Conjugated linoleic acid)
• What is it? A polyunsaturated, essential fatty acid found mostly in plant oils.
• How does it work? Prevents the body from storing fat and increases energy expenditure to burn more fat. It also increases your feeling of fullness which reduce cravings.
• What are the benefits? Assists with losing fat and maintaining weight loss. It also assists with maintaining lean muscle mass and therefore aids in toning.

USN PhedraCut SF (stimulant-free)
• What is it? A blend of weight loss and weight control ingredients. Focused on burning fat and providing energy without the use of stimulants. It can be used day or night.
• How does it work? The formulation uses patented ingredients to suppress appetite and cravings, to metabolize fat for energy and to increase the absorption of other substances.
• What are the benefits? The product is stimulant-free, it assists with utilizing fat for energy, suppresses appetite and cravings, increases absorption and provides you with energy.

USN Digest & Cleanse
• What is it? A fibre-rich formulation of fennel seed powder and complex fibre, designed to enhance your digestive health and promote the absorption of vital nutrients.
• How does it work? The natural fibre and ingredients allows the intestines to relax and also to increase absorption. It assists with balancing the acidity in the stomach. The product also assists with maintaining healthy enzyme levels.
• What are the benefits? Regulates stomach acidity, increases absorption, relaxes tensioned intestines, regulates enzyme levels, assists with easing inflammation and may help relieve constipation.

These products are well balanced and draw on a number of herbal and plant-based ingredients to aid in weight management, intestinal health and toning. They can be incorporated into a variety of healthy and balanced eating plans and exercise regimes.

It is important to note that with all weight management supplements one should follow an energy-restricted diet and combine this with regular physical activity.

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