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Introducing USN Rewards

The USN Rewards program has been developed to reward you as a loyal customer for buying USN supplements at Dis-Chem and online at

1. How do I earn USN REWARDS? 

The USN Rewards program will allow you to earn 4% of your basket spend on USN products at selected retailers – currently Dis-Chem instore and (see Stores List for the list of retailers). You will only earn USN Rewards on the basket value that was not paid using USN Rewards or other coupons/vouchers or gift cards. Click on the ‘Just Earn Rewards’/’Pay in store & Earn’ option in the USN Rewards App and ask the cashier to enter the wiCode at the till when paying. You can also earn loyalty when buying on You will automatically earn loyalty on your online profile once you set up the PIN log in which links to the App.

2. How do I spend USN REWARDS? 

You have the option to either use all your USN Rewards to partially/fully settle the amount you need to pay at the till or not use your USN Rewards balance but just earn loyalty on the transaction. You can’t use only a part of your loyalty balance. If you choose to use your USN Rewards balance, select ‘Earn & Spend USN Rewards’ in the app and then select ‘Spend USN Rewards’. The App which will give you a wiCode/QR code to be scanned at the till. The wiCode is only valid while you are in the app. If you navigate away from the app it will issue a new wiCode.  If there is still an outstanding amount due after rendering the wiCode you will need to pay with cash/card as usual. When buying on you can choose to use your loyalty or not by clicking on the radio button in the cart. If you select ‘yes’ the website will automatically redeem your available loyalty.

3. Where can I spend my USN REWARDS?

Currently you can spend your USN REWARDS in Dis-chem stores and the USN online store (excluding Dis-chem online).

4. Can I scan the QR code to earn USN REWARDS? 

If the store you are in has a camera option at the till you can scan the QR code instead of entering the wiCode. Simply supply the wiCode to the cashier for him/her to allocate it to your transaction.

5. What are the benefits of USN REWARDS?

  • You are now being rewarded for being a loyal USN customer by receiving USN REWARDS for your basket spend on USN supplements!
  • Upon registration of the app you will receive a R30 registration reward when you spend your first R300 using the app! The R30 Registration reward is valid for 3 months. You will not earn loyalty when redeeming your registration reward.
  • Unsure about what a USN product does? Just scan the barcode of any USN product via the USN REWARDS app and it will direct you to the USN website where you are able to find out more about the product.
  • Celebrate your birthday with an extra R50 on your special day. The R50 Birthday reward is valid for 1 month. You will not earn loyalty when redeeming your birthday reward.
  • Give feedback on USN products by completing the in-app surveys.
  • You can read the latest, informative articles from USN which includes recipes, product news and fitness tips.
  • Switch on the push notifications for the USN REWARDS app to receive the following based on your loyalty earnings:
  • Receive exclusive additional rewards from time to time during campaigns.

6. If I have a question about my USN REWARDS balance who can I contact? 

Contact us via the “Talk to us” button in the menu of the app with detailed information about your query and we will get back to you within 2 working days.

7. How do I find the nearest participating store? 

You can use the store locator on the menu of the USN REWARDS app. This will use your location to show the nearest Dis-Chem store to you.

8. Are there any costs involved in using the USN REWARDS App?

No, participating in the USN REWARDS program doesn’t have additional costs to you as our valued customer. You can just earn & burn rewards!

9. Is my information safe?

Yes, no personal information will be shared with third parties.

10. Can I transfer my loyalty Rands to someone else?

No, your loyalty is linked to the app on your phone and can’t be transferred to someone else.

11. Can I earn loyalty on my app if I buy from other retailers than Dis-Chem & USN online?

No, unfortunately not.

12. Do I earn loyalty on all items on my slip at Dis-Chem even if it is non-USN products?

No, you only earn 4% loyalty on USN products purchased.

13. Is there an expiry date to the loyalty balance?

Yes, the registration reward expires within 3 months after issuing, the birthday reward expires within 1 month after your birthday and the loyalty balance expires in 2 years, but you need to be active on the app within the first year of earning to keep it valid. If you have not interacted with the Loyalty app for a period of 1 year, you will forfeit your USN Rewards though, this includes your loyalty wallet amount.


The USN Rewards App can be downloaded from the App stores for Android and iOS.

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