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We sometimes doubt ourselves and believe that we’re not good enough or worthy in many cases. I now know that with hard work; my “3 D approach”, namely Dedication, Discipline and Determination; and massive action, you can achieve all your dreams. 


All of my role models have a “never say die and never give up attitude”. They all went through challenges, but it never stopped them from achieving their goals. Working hard, learning and gaining knowledge will always give you the confidence to take your goals to the next level. It is important to remember to set realistic goals and never compare yourself to anyone else.


Living a balanced lifestyle is crucial to your success. Make time for work, family and your hobbies. As we get older, our priorities shift so it’s important to establish a career that you’re passionate about and excited to be involved in. Managing your time and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is difficult on some days, but I aim to live by a clear cut daily, weekly and monthly routine that I stick to with Dedication, Discipline and Determination. Consistency is always key when aiming for success.


My life is not just focussed on fitness, I enjoy reading books and spending time with people that uplift me and that I can learn from. Remember to be selective of where and how you spend your time and energy. Stay humble, work hard and surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. Stay active and take care of your body. 


Remember a healthy body is a healthy mind!


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Publication Date: June 27, 2018, 9:01 a.m.

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