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The new PhedraCut Lipo X is a revolutionary weight loss aid, formulated with scientifically-researched and clinically-tested ingredients to accelerate thermogenesis, boost energy levels and improve mood and motivation. PhedraCut Lipo X targets multiple weight loss mechanisms: decreasing fat cell size and preventing fat storage.


PhedraCut Lipo X is a BlueLab™ product. The USN BlueLab™ is the industry's first consumer feedback-based research and development programme. We consider consumer feedback in our formulation of scientifically-researched, high-quality ingredients for the most premium product. All USN BlueLab™ products are manufactured in accredited facilities worldwide and are tested independently to ensure quality and safety. 



  • Meratrim™: a blend of two plant extracts which has been clinically proven to reduce body weight and hip and waist circumference. PhedraCut Lipo X contains 400mg of Meratrim™ per serving, the effective dose which has been used in successful clinical studies. 


  • EnXtra™: a stimulant-free energy boosting ingredient that provides fast, safe and effective energy for up to 5 hours without the crash. It also helps to boost mental alertness and focus.


  • Phytofare®: a green tea catechin complex which is highly effective and quickly absorbed to aid weight loss and overall health. 




Get ready to reach your weight loss and toning goals, with more energy and focus using USN PhedraCut Lipo X!



PhedraCut Lipo X and Meratrim Research:


USN PhedraCut Lipo X Trial:

Individuals using USN PhedraCut Lipo X lost up to 21.6 kg and 11% body fat over a 25-week period. The ingredients in PhedraCut Lipo X have been carefully selected for optimal effects.


Meratrim study 1 

Fifty-six individuals using Meratrim™ had an average weight loss of 5 kg over 16 weeks and lost 10 cm from both their hips and waist. 


Meratrim study 2 

Ninety-five individuals lost an average of 5.2 kg over 8 weeks and lost 11.9 cm from their waist and 6.1 cm from their hip circumference. 


Kudiganti V, Kodur RR, Kodur SR, Halemane M, Deep DK (2016). Efficacy and tolerability of Meratrim for weight management: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in healthy overweight human subjects. Lipids Health Dis. 15 (1): 136.


Stern JS, Peerson J, Mishra AT, Mathukumalli VS, Konda PR (2013). Efficacy and tolerability of an herbal formulation for weight management. J Med Food 16 (6) 529-527. 


Publication Date: Jan. 25, 2018, 10:35 a.m.

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