Privacy Policy (“the Site”) respects your privacy and makes a firm commitment to protecting your privacy. To provide you with the best products, efficient customer service, and timely updates, we record a variety of information from your visit to our site. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and (under certain conditions) disclose your personal information. This Privacy Policy explains your options regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information. By visiting our Site, you accept the practices described in this Policy. In line with the obligations placed on us in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA), this policy serves to outline the framework within which USN shall apply the appropriate level of protection for consumer identification, collection, holding, using, disseminating, merging, collating, disclosing and protection of your personal information (“process” or “processing”).

2.1. One goal in collecting personal information from you is to provide an efficient, meaningful, and
customized experience. We collect information from you in several different ways, including but not
limited to one or more of the following sources:
Directly from you;
In the course of our relationship with you;
In the course of selling products and related services to you or your entity;
2.1.4. When you make your Personal Information public;
2.1.5. When you visit and/or interact with our Website or our various social media platforms;
2.1.6. When you subscribe to any communication from us;
2.1.7. When you interact with any third party content or advertising on our website;
2.1.8. When you visit our offices;
2.1.9. When applying for an account with us on behalf of your entity or company;
2.1.10. We may also receive Personal Information about you from third parties;

2.1.11. Personal Information may be created by us about you such as records of your
communications and interactions with us, including, but not limited to, your attendance at
events or at interviews in the course of applying for a job with us, subscription to our
newsletters and other mailings and interactions with you during the course of our digital
marketing campaigns;
2.1.12. Personal Information about you may be obtained through marketing campaigns run in the
various retail channels where our products are selling.

Using certain parts of this Site or ordering products, you must complete an online registration
form. During registration, you will be prompted to provide us with certain personal information,
including but not limited to your name, delivery and billing address(es), phone number, email
address, and credit card number. These kinds of personal information are used for billing
purposes, to fulfil your orders, to communicate with you about your order and our site, and for
internal marketing purposes. If we encounter a problem when processing your order, we may
use the personal information you provide us to contact you.

Locations of the Site permit you to enter your email address for purposes including but not
limited to register for free promotional notices; to request us to notify you when we receive a
new brand, or new product style; to sign up for our email newsletter. Your participation in a
contest is completely voluntary, and you may choose whether to participate and disclose
information to us. We use this information to notify contest winners and to award prizes. We
may post the names of contest winners on our Site.

3.6. Payment details: billing address; payment method; bank account number or credit card number,
invoice records, payment records, SWIFT details, International Bank Account Number details,
payment amount, payment date and records of cheques.
3.7. Content and advertising data: records of your interactions with our online advertising and content,
records of advertising and content displayed on pages, displayed to you, and any interaction you
may have had with such content or advertising (including, but not limited to, mouse hover, mouse
clicks and any forms you complete).

4.1. We will Process your Personal Information in the ordinary course of the business of selling sports
supplements and related after-sale service.
4.2. We will primarily use your Personal Information only for the purpose for which it was originally or
primarily collected.
4.3. We will use your Personal Information for a secondary purpose only if such purpose constitutes
a legitimate interest and is closely related to the original or primary purpose for which the
Personal Information was collected.
4.4. We may subject your Personal Information to Processing during the course of various activities,
including, without limitation, the following –
4.4.1. operating our business;
4.4.2. analyse, evaluate, review and collation of information to determine credit worthiness if you or
your organization has applied tom open an account with us, to provide you with product
information or other related communication;
4.4.3. for business purposes, such as analysing and managing our business, market search, audits,
developing new products, improving our services and products, gauging customer satisfaction
4.4.4. compliance with applicable law and fraud prevention;
4.4.5. transfer of information to our Service Providers and other third parties;
4.4.6. recruitment.
4.5. We may process your Personal Information for relationship management and marketing
purposes in relation to our business (including, but not limited to, Processing that is necessary
for the development and improvement of our products and related services), for accounts
management and for marketing activities in order to establish, maintain and/or improve our
relationship with you and with our Service Providers and/or Suppliers.
We may analyze your Personal Information for statistical purposes.
4.7. We may process your Personal Information for internal management and management reporting
purposes which includes amongst others, the following:
4.7.1. conducting customer surveys;
4.7.2. implementing internal business controls;
4.7.3. providing central processing facilities;

4.7.4. for insurance purposes;
4.7.5. for management reporting analysis.
4.8. We may Process your Personal Information for safety and security purposes.
4.9. USN undertakes to minimize the processing of your Personal Information and only process
Personal Information which is sufficient to fulfil the main purpose for which the Personal
Information was collected or provided.

5.1. We want to provide you with excellent service and to offer you a great selection — we primarily
sell goods, not information. We do not sell, rent, trade, license, or otherwise disclose your specific
personal information or financial information to anyone, except that:
5.1.1. We may disclose your Personal Information to our Associates and Service Providers, for
legitimate business purposes, in accordance with applicable law and subject to applicable
professional and regulatory requirements regarding confidentiality.
5.1.2. We sometimes use others to perform specific functions on our behalf. When we disclose
information to these service providers, we disclose information to help them to perform their
service. For example, to deliver products to you, we must share some information. We make
use of couriers (such as Dawn Wing) to deliver products and so that we can obtain feedback,
improve the quality of our service, and measure and improve the quality of the service of the
third party. We provide the courier with some personally identifiable information such as your
name, delivery address, email, and phone number.
5.1.3. Similarly, to help you buy products and provide customer service to you, we must provide your
credit card number to financial-services corporations such as credit-card processors and
issuers. When we submit your credit card the number for authorization, we use state-of-the-art
data encryption to protect your information.

5.1.4. We will not sell (or trade or rent) personally identifiable information to other companies as part
of our regular course of business. However, it is possible that we might acquire or merge with
or be acquired by another company or that we might dispose of some or all of our assets. If that
happens, your personal information may be disclosed to another company, but that disclosure
will be subject to this Privacy Policy in effect.
5.1.5. We may share non-personal information (such as the number of daily visitors to a particular web
page, or the size of an order placed on a certain date) with third parties such as advertising
partners. This information does not directly personally identify you or any user.

5.1.6. In addition, we may disclose your Personal Information –
if required by law;
legal and regulatory authorities, upon request, or for the purposes of reporting any
actual or suspected breach of applicable law or regulation;
third party Operators (including, but not limited to, data processors such as
providers of data hosting services and document review technology and services), located
anywhere in the world; where it is necessary for the purposes of, or in connection with, actual or threatened
legal proceedings or establishment, exercise or defense of legal rights;
to any relevant party for the purposes of the prevention, investigation, detection or
prosecution of criminal offences or the execution of criminal penalties, including, but not
limited to, safeguarding against, and the prevention of threats to, public security;
to any relevant third-party acquirer(s), in the event that we sell or transfer all or any
portion of our business or assets (including, but not limited to, in the event of a
reorganization, dissolution or liquidation); and
to any relevant third-party provider, where our Website uses third party advertising,
plugins or content.

6.1. We may transfer your Personal Information to recipients outside of the Republic of South Africa.
6.2. We undertake to ensure that all personal information is only transferred to such international
third party after we have satisfied ourselves that such third party has adequate measures in place
to ensure to safe-keeping and protection of the personal information’s integrity and confidentiality.

7.1. We implement appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect your
Personal Information that is in our possession against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss,
alteration, unauthorised disclosure, unauthorised access, in accordance with applicable
7.2. Where there are reasonable grounds to believe that a data breach has occurred involving your
personal information that is in our possession, we will notify the relevant regulator and you, unless
a public body responsible for detection, prevention or investigation of offences or the relevant
regulator informs us that notifying you will impede a criminal investigation.
It must be noted that due to the open nature of the internet, the transmission of information via
the internet is possibly always subject to insecurity. As mentioned above, USN will take all
reasonable measures to protect your personal information, we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of any information that has been transmitted via the internet and as such, USN cannot
be held responsible for the loss of privacy of such information.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that all Personal Information provided to USN is accurate,
correct and updated.
8.2. Should any personal information provided to USN changes or becomes outdated, it is your
responsibility to ensure USN’s records are updated by notifying USN of any changes of Personal

9.1. USN undertakes to retain all Personal Information for only one of these periods, whichever is the
9.1.1. for the period for which the Personal Information is required to serve its primary purpose
or a legitimate interest; or
9.1.2. for the period required to comply with an applicable legal requirement.
9.2. USN undertakes that Electronic copies your Personal Information are held in a secure environment,
with the application of appropriate computer and software security techniques.

Where we need to Process your Sensitive Personal Information, we will do so in the ordinary course of our
business, for a legitimate purpose, and in accordance with the applicable law.

11.1. We collect information recorded when you browse and visit our website, including but not
limited to, cookies, IP address, etc.
This information is not used to identify you, but for the necessary purpose to avoid being
attacked by hackers, and for the purpose of making customised content service to users. Additionally,
through processing comprehensive statistic analysis, we are endeavouring to provide you with more
and more efficient functionalities to facilitate our service. To visit, your browser has to be
configured to accept cookies as we have to use cookies to enable you to select products, place them
in an online shopping cart, and to purchase those products. If you do this, we keep a record of your
browsing activity and purchase.
A USER’S CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Our cookies are not “spyware.” We may Process your
Personal Information by our use of Cookies and similar technologies.
11.4. Although you have the right to refuse to accept the cookies, by not accepting it, you acknowledge
and accept that you may be unable to access certain parts of the website or its functionalities.

11.5. By accepting cookies, you agree that we may use your personal information collected using

12.1. USN may use your Personal Information to communicate relevant marketing campaigns and
offerings to you. You are entitled to unsubscribe from such communication at any time, for free.

13.1. In terms of various South African legislation, you may have rights to have access to your Personal
Information. To give effect to this right as far as it is USN’s responsibility, we acknowledged that
you can request the Personal Information of yourself that is held by USN.
13.2. You have the right to object against the processing of your Personal Information. In the case
where you object to your Personal Information being processed by USN, you agree that USN shall
immediately cease to process any of your Personal Information. You furthermore accept that
USN might then not be in the position to provide you with the full scope of services or
communication as before such objection.
13.3. You have the right to request a rectification of your personal information, to erase your personal
information or to restrict the use of your personal information.

You may contact us with any related queries or requests at:

Leon Taljaard (Information Officer | Group CEO)
Unit 4, Louwlardia, Louwlardia Logistics Park, Cnr. Olievenhoutbosch Road &
Nellmapius Avenue
Centurion, 1683

Email address:
Tel: 086 1111 876

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