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The ultimate sugar-free stamina, hydration and lean muscle recovery supplement with a 2:1:1 ratio of 5 g naturally fermented BCAAs and additional Essential Amino Acids. All9™ Amino contains Coconut Water Powder and electrolytes for hydration and nerve function as well as Taurine and Glutamine to enhance physical performance. The Blueberry Rascals flavour is not Halaal certified.

Mix 1 scoop (11 g) with 300-400 ml water in a handheld shaker.
Leave to stand for 30 seconds before drinking.
Sip before and during a training session.
Another serving can be taken after a strenuous training session.
A double serving (2 scoops with 600-800 ml water) may be consumed once tolerance has been established.

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ALL9™ Amino

Increases strength

More stamina for training

Recover faster & stay hydrated

ALL9™ contains the 9 essential amino acids that your body can not produce naturally.

ALL9™ Amino contains the 9 essential amino acids that your body can not produce naturally.  Furthermore, Amino acids serve as the building blocks of proteins that perform various functions throughout the body. This products also contains AstraGin that increases amino absorption.

Get to know the different Essential Amino Acids and their functions

• Histidine – Vital to immune response, digestion, sexual function and sleep-wake cycles. It’s critical for maintaining the myelin sheath, a protective barrier that surrounds your nerve cells.

• Isoleucine – The last of the three branched-chain Amino Acids, isoleucine is involved in muscle metabolism and is heavily concentrated in muscle tissue. It’s also important for immune function, haemoglobin production and energy regulation.

• Leucine – Critical for protein synthesis and muscle repair. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels, stimulates wound healing and produces growth hormones.

• Phenylalanine – plays an integral role in the structure and function of proteins and enzymes and the production of other Amino Acids.

• Methionine – Methionine plays an important role in metabolism and detoxification. It’s also necessary for tissue growth and the absorption of zinc and selenium, minerals that are vital to your health.

• Lysine – Lysine plays major roles in protein synthesis, hormone and enzyme production and the absorption of calcium. It’s also important for energy production, immune function and the production of collagen and elastin

• Threonine – Threonine is a principal part of structural proteins such as collagen and elastin, which are important components of the skin and connective tissue. It also plays a role in fat metabolism and immune function.

• Tryptophan – Needed to maintain proper nitrogen balance and is a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates your appetite, sleep and mood.

• Valine – Valine is one of three branched-chain Amino Acids. It has a chain branching off to one side of its molecular structure. Valine stimulates muscle growth, as well as, muscle regeneration.

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