Energy Oats Bar (20 x 35g)


2.7 g


21 g


0 mg

Trans Fats



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A delicious anytime energy bar, 0% trans fat & source of fibre. USN Energy Oats Bar is a functional bar that can be used as a pre-event snack, or as a snack time anytime of the day. Energy Oats Bar aids in optimal glycogen loading for post-event recovery.

A delicious ’anytime’ energy bar. As with everything  in life, consume in moderation

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The Energy Oats Bar

  • Suited for a nutritious snack on the go

  • Good source of fibre

  • Good source of vitamins and minerals

  • 0% trans fat

  • Good source of energy

Energy Oats Bar is a delicious anytime snack with 0% trans fat. With 567 kj of energy per 35 grams, it is the perfect refuel snack. It also has 2.7 g of protein per 35 g bar. It also boasts 1.1 g dietary fibre per bar as well as 2.7 g of protein. This great-tasting snack is also perfect to use as a pre-event snack, or even as a snack in-between meals.  This oats bar also aids in optimal glycogen loading for post-event recovery, ensuring that you receive the necessary nutrients to perform at your absolute best. Check out the rest of the USN Endurance Range for premium products to boost endurance and recovery.

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This bar is one of the favourite refuel stations at the ABSA Cape Epic Event and will also be found at their next event

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