Muscle Fuel STS (1kg)


40 g


15.9 g

BCAA's & Glutamine

Lactose digestive enzymes



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USN’s Muscle Fuel STS is a 4-stage glycomatrix carb system with a 5-stage sustained transport systems (STS) and an optimum muscle supporting amino acid base. It’s easy to mix and conveniently quick to prepare.

Throughout the day, before and after training
2 Scoops = 40.4 g Protein


  • Mix 1-2 scoops (60-120 g) into 300-600 ml of cold water and blend or shake in a handheld shaker for about 30 seconds.
  • FOR GENERAL WELLNESS: Have 120-180 g daily in-between meals, or replace a light meal with Muscle Fuel STS
  • Individuals on a muscle gain training program should have 2 scoops / 120 g 2-3 times daily, with one serving being within 1 hour after intense exercise.
  • PERSONS BETWEEN 15 & 18 YEARS: When very active in sports or on a weight gain programme, have 1 serving 1-2 times daily with at least 1 serving within 1 hour after intense exercise.
  • Because the nature of this beneficial phase release protein blend (which also includes slower releasing proteins) is unique, please follow these instructions carefully for best taste and texture: SHAKE WELL for approximately 30 seconds, let it settle for about 1-3 minutes and shake again before drinking. Also note: colder water may take slightly longer.

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Muscle Fuel STS

Enhanced recovery

Increased muscle mass

Enhanced power & strength

Muscle Fuel STS consists of a high protein blend with a 4-stage Glycomatrix Carb System.

Muscle Fuel STS is also free from stimulants and hormone stimulating ingredients to provide safe, yet effective muscle support for your best performance. Free from creatine and testosterone-boosting ingredients.

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