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Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid that is broken down & lost quickly during intense physical activity. Supplementing with Glutamine may reduce stiffness and soreness and speed up recovery. It will also assist with increased muscle stamina and strength. This unflavored micronized powder is ideal to mix with water, juice or the protein drink of your choice.

ƒMix ±1 scoop (5 g) of USN PURE GLUTAMINE 5000 with 400-500 ml water, protein drink or juice of your choice.
ƒTake one serving prior to workout and another serving following your workout. For best results, take a last serving prior to bedtime.

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Pure Glutamine 5000

Pure glutamine 5000 – Benefits

  • Increased strength
  • Improved stamina
  • Accelerated recovery & reduction of lactic acid (reduces stiffness & soreness)
  • Increased  immune modulation


Pure Glutamine 5000 is one of the amino acids that are most abundant in our bodies. This Amino Acid is responsible for multiple functions in the body, which also includes, making protein for muscle tissue. Glutamine also fuels the cells that protect our intestines and also support the cells of the immune system. This acid is also responsible for detoxifying the liver of foreign substances.

Sources of Glutamine

Your body makes glutamine but we also take this amino acid in from foods like wheat, peanuts, corn, as well as, milk. The deficiency of glutamine is very rare and this condition is only attributed to genetic disorders.

How does our body use Glutamine?

Some clinical studies show that glutamine can help ease the effects of cancer treatments. These side-effects include wasting away of muscle, oral inflammation, nausea and vomiting. Supplementing glutamine during a hospital stay is also linked to shorter hospital stays and even lower mortality rates for sick patients.

The amino acid, Glutamine is the main fuel source for your body’s white blood cells. These cells fight infection and disease. Glutamine levels decline when your white blood cells are fighting an infection in your body and the supplementing glutamine can improve recovery time.

Glutamine also supports intestinal health and also aids your body in absorbing the nutrients needed.

The wonder supplement known as glutamine is also a great way to boost muscle recovery and reduce stiffness and soreness.

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