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Hydrating Enduro is an intra-event performance & hydration drink for optimal energy and recovery.

Mix 1 heaped scoop (50 g) with 400-500ml cold water.
Consumption: Drink 150-200ml every 15-20 minutes during training and events longer than 60 minutes. Start drinking 30-60 minutes prior to events, taking 2-3 sips every 10-15 mins.
Other sport: Drink 200 ml every 30 minutes during sessions lasting 90 minutes and longer.

Also suitable for carbo – loading in the 3 days prior to an endurance event. Take 3 servings daily in-between meals.

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Purefit Enduro

Benefits include:

Enduro serves to refuel and hydrate.

It is free from artificial colourants & flavourants

Free from artificial sweeteners and also preservatives.

Enhances muscle recovery and replenishes glycogen stores.

Purefit Enduro Description

Hydrating PUREFIT ENDURO is an intra-event performance & hydration drink for optimal energy, as well as, recovery. It boasts no artificial preservatives or sweeteners and it is also free from artificial colourants & flavourants. Light, as well as, refreshing.

Purefit Enduro is the ideal sports drink for endurance activities and competitions. For optimal results, drink 200 ml, every 15 – 20 minutes during training. Also suitable for carbo-loading with high and low GI carbohydrates.

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