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USN Wholefood Gainer is a vegan & vegetarian alternative mass gainer aimed at supporting muscle growth and recovery. It is easy mixing, great tasting and will assist with accelerated muscle glycogen replenishment. Each serving provides 31 g protein and 55 g carbohydrates. It is high in fibre, contains zero soy, zero milk and zero added sucrose.

As a nutritional supplement, mix 2 scoops (125 g) into 400-500 ml of cold water.
Shake well for 30 seconds, settle for 60 seconds and shake again before drinking.
Use as a recovery drink within 30 minutes post-training and/or as a snack between meals.
An additional serving may be consumed before bedtime.
Water may be substituted with unsweetened plant – or nut milk.

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Wholefood Gainer

Supports consistent muscle growth

Optimal Recovery

Real food-based carb sources

Glycogen replenishment

Wholefood Gainer is a 100% plant-based product, made from whole food sources. These sources include oat flour, rice flour, pea protein, rice protein, as well as sweet potato and potato starch. Also ideal to support muscle growth, weight gain, glycogen replenishment and recovery. USN Wholefood gainer 2.5 kg is easy to mix, has a great taste. Each serving provides 31 g protein and 55 g carbohydrates. It is also high in fibre, contains zero soy and milk and zero added sucrose.

This gainer is creatine and testo booster free, making it ideal for females, athletes and school children alike.

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