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USN’s XTS Pump Caps is an explosive, stimulant-free pre-workout in a capsule form. XTS Pump Caps is formulated with effective and scientifically-researched ingredients to enhance performance and elevate energy for your best workout.

Adults: Take 1 dosage (5 capsules) 30 – 45  minutes prior to training. A second dosage can be taken at the same time, once tolerance has been achieved.


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XTS Pump Capsules

Benefits include:

XTS Pump Capsules Superior provides a pump complex

Amplify and enhance any pre-workout

Stimulant free, train any time

XTS Pump Capsules Description:

XTS Pump Capsules 100’s are an explosive, stimulant-free pre-workout in a capsule form. These Caps enhances performance and also elevate energy for your best workout. Could additionally be used for a Non-training day muscle volumizer or any time of day pre-workout supplement. Especially suited to use as a nighttime pre-workout.

The ingredients include Vitamin B3, to deliver improved muscle pumps, as well as, enhanced energy levels. It also contains L- citrulline malate to volumise muscle pump and even prolong muscle endurance. What is more, D-aspartic acid enhances natural testosterone levels for improved strength, recovery and male performance.

Beta-alanine promotes blood flow to active muscles, increasing peak performance output and Betaine Nitrate also boosts power and strength.

Lastly, the addition of AstraGin enhances the absorption of active ingredients.


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