Peppermint crisp protein mousse

Peppermint crisp protein mousse

By @firdousasmodien

Make your own delicious, high protein & guilt-free dessert whey mousse


– 3 scoops Peppermint Crisp 100% Bluelab Whey

– 1 250g tub plain fat free / low fat smooth cottage cheese

– 2/3 cups plain fat free / low fat yoghurt

– 1 banana

– 2 teaspoons vanilla essence

– 10g unflavored gelatin mixed with half cup boiled water



Mix gelatin into boiled water by stirring vigorously until all mixed.

Mix all the ingredients together and place in a dish. (I used a silicone muffin tray and made 12 mini puddings)

Place in fridge to set for 1 – 2 hours.

When set, place on serving plate/bowl.

Top with crushed health biscuit/granola bar/health crunchies, drizzle with honey and sprinkle some cocoa.