Protein Pumpkin Flapjacks

Protein Pumpkin Flapjacks

A healthy take on Sunday morning breakfast!

Protein Pumpkin Flapjacks

Easy to make Flapjacks! For these healthy Flapjacks, you will need the following:

Pumpkin Protein Flapjack Ingredients:

🔹50g Oat flour
🔹2 Packets Xylitol
🔹1 Scoop USN Vanilla Dietfuel Ultralean
🔹1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon
🔹1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
🔹120g Pumpkin Puree
🔹57g Cottage Cheese
🔹Tip of a Teaspoon Baking Powder
🔹1 Large Whole Egg
🔹2 Large Egg Whites


  • Mix all your ingredients together in a large mixing bowl, until well combined.
  • Oil the pan lightly with coconut oil, olive oil or your choice of low-fat oil or spray.
  • Heat up your pan to medium or medium-high heat.
  • Ladle the batter into the pan and carefully flip the flapjacks with a spatula once you see the edges firm up.
  • Cook your flapjacks until it is a lovely, golden brown colour.
  • Lastly, top your delicious protein pumpkin flapjacks with Vanilla yoghurt and strawberries. You can also substitute with any fruit or topping of your choice.

Recipe by @jaquelene7