Protein Powders

Protein is the basis on any supplement plan. It aids in building lean muscle, enhances recovery, increases muscle strength and performance. The benefits of whey protein are endless, particularly post-workout when your muscles are hungry for fuel to repair and get stronger. USN makes use of the most premium quality whey protein. It is high in naturally-occurring amino acids and low in carbohydrates and fat. View our whey protein powders and shop online based on your body goals.
This is a protein source derived from milk, to be more specific, from the fluid part of coagulated milk. Milk usually consists of +/- 20% whey protein (fast digesting)  80% casein (slow digesting). Casein and whey are high-quality proteins as both contain all the essential amino acids. However, this type of protein is widely considered beneficial for its ability to increase the production of new proteins in muscle. Whey protein isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate undergo different processes which result in different nutritional values for each form.
The by-product of cheese and yoghurt manufacturing is collected by microfiltration and undergoes processing to increase the protein content. When satisfactory levels of protein have been achieved, the liquid is dried and the protein concentrate powder consisting of about 20% fats and carbohydrates and 80% protein by weight remains. Concentrate can be processed further to create isolate.
Whey isolate is produced when different processing steps are used to further reduce the fat and carbohydrate content of the protein and can yield a result that is 90% higher in protein by weight. This is called ultrafiltration. This process “isolates” the whey protein – hence the name isolate. Isolate can be processed a step further to create hydrolysate. The amino acid profile in both isolate and concentrate is almost identical since they are made from the same protein. However, the main difference is that the processes that isolate further undergo make it higher in protein and lower in fat and carbohydrates per serving.
This is created when isolate is exposed to enzymes that break down the bonds holding amino acids together. Hydrolysate protein gets broken down to such an extent that it can almost be described as pre-digested. This protein gets broken down much quicker and can be delivered to muscles rapidly. Hydrolysate is the fastest and most effective absorbing source of protein – but it is expensive to produce. It is also the most suitable protein for those with allergies and digestive issues.