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PhedraCut Lava X

Extreme Thermogenic Capsules

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PhedraCut Lava X is an extreme thermogenic weight loss and shredding aid. Its unique formulation offers increased energy levels, with a rapid thermogenic response for extended weight control. With added anabolic, anti-catabolic amino acids, lean muscle tissue is protected and developed during the increased energy demands that thermogenesis has on the system for a leaner, more shredded physique. Contains a WADA prohibited substance – not recommended for professional athletes.



USN's PhedraCut Lava X is a potent, fast-acting thermogenic, developed with an advanced formulation of powerful ingredients to maximize fat burning, metabolism, energy levels and to control appetite. Physicor™ has been added to the formulation to boost fat burning and increase lean mass and strength*. The addition of Advantra Z® has been found to improve strength, endurance and performance. PhedraCut Lava X is formulated to help you reach your fat loss goals while improving your energy levels and performance. *Only effective when combined with a balanced, energy-restricted eating plan and regular physical activity.

Key Facts and Features

Increased Bioavailability

For maximum effectiveness, the rate and degree of absorption into your body, or availability at the site of physiological activity has been optimised.

Highly Bioavailable Phytofare™

Phytofare™ is the only clinically proven green tea extract shown to be bioavailable, meaning the extract is easliy absorbed by your system. Green tea extract is a great source of antioxidants called catechins, that helps support fat loss, immune function and cardiovascular health.

Boost Weight Loss And Performance

Advantra Z® is a patented ingredient that helps to burn fat and increase physical performance. This proprietary ingredient is the only one containing Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) or citrus extract product protected under Canadian and U.S. patents.


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