Zero Sugar Hydrator (20 x 4.6g)


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Zero Sugar Hydrator is the ideal rehydration drink for replenishment of electrolytes and glutamine after strenuous physical activity. It is designed to aid in recovery and muscle preservation and reduction of cramping.

Mix 1 sachet (4.6 g) into 500 ml water and shake or stir well. Take after a strenuous event or training session; or when required to hydrate and replenish electrolytes.

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Zero Sugar Hydrator


  • Helps replace electrolytes, as well as, phosphates after physical activity
  • May help reduce exercise-related muscle cramping and pain


Zero Sugar Hydrator is the ideal rehydration drink for those looking to minimise their sugar intake. In addition, this drink aids with the replenishment of electrolytes and glutamine, after strenuous physical activity. Zero Sugar Hydrator also aids in recovery, muscle preservation and reduction of cramping. Drink this product while doing strenuous training or even events.

Ingredients include:

Vitamin C: An antioxidant that reduces and repairs oxidative damage caused to tissue, as well as, cells after intense activity.

Potassium: Increases the uptake of water in the intestines.

Glutamine: Helps reduce soreness and stiffness of muscles and also aids in muscle recovery. Also acts as a co-transport substrate for the electrolyte sodium.

Electrolytes and minerals: Helps regulate the fluid levels in muscle tissue and in cells, also rehydrates the body, as well as, provides important substances to aid with recovery and natural balances in the body. Also helps regulate the pH level in the body. Also assists with proper nerve function which can be affected after strenuous activity.


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This product is also offered at the ABSA cape Epic refuel stations.