Rooted in goodness – Benefits of Plant Based Protein

Rooted in goodness – Benefits of Plant Based Protein

Plant Based Protein

If you’ve decided to change over to a plant-based way of eating or simply want to increase your intake of plant protein, BlueLab™ 100% Plant Protein is your new go-to protein supplement. And even better, it’s also our most incredible-tasting raw plant protein yet!

BlueLab™ 100% Plant Protein is a plant-based high protein formulation sourced from Smooth Protein™, a watermelon and pumpkin seed protein and pea protein concentrate blend. Each scoop providing 20 g of protein and 4 g of naturally-occurring branched chain amino acids (BCAA). It is packed with a complete essential amino acid profile to aid muscle recovery, increase lean muscle tone and contribute towards overall good health.

Changing over to a plant-based lifestyle also doesn’t mean you need to consume more carbohydrates and sugar. USN’s Plant Protein is sugar-free and contains only 4 g of carbohydrates per serving.

If you battle with lactose intolerance or sensitivity, USN Plant Protein is dairy free and easy to digest and absorb. Ideal for environmental- and health-conscious individuals, our Plant Protein is free from colourants, and artificial flavourants and is naturally-sweetened with Stevia.

Clean Cream™, a high oleic sunflower seed extract, has been included in our Plant Protein to provide a smooth, dairy-like texture and also contributes towards good heart health!

We source only the best, most wholesome ingredients to fuel you with the best-tasting, premium quality protein supplement.

What makes it unique:

Smooth Protein™: 20 g of high-quality protein blend including watermelon, pumpkin seed and pea protein concentrate. No added soy protein.

Clean Cream™: heart-healthy, high oleic sunflower seed extract for a smooth, dairy-like texture.

BCAA: 4 g naturally-occurring BCAA, enhances lean muscle maintenance, toning and recovery

Glutamine: 3.6 g to prevent muscle breakdown, boosts immunity and stomach health

Free from:

  • Sugar
  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Artificial flavourants
  • Artificial colourants

Available now in delicious Vanilla Cinnamon and Chocolate Mocha flavours!

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